Franchise & Licensee Agreement

All information received by Beach'n Billboard Inc. (BNB) will be kept confidential.  Please fill out and submit this form.  Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Beach'n Billboard, Inc.

Corporate Headquarters

Ortley Beach NJ, 08751

Ph: 800-969-6005

Ph: 201-488-7718

Fx: 201-488-7728


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List City(s) and Country(s) in which you desire a license:

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Have you ever owned a Franchise or License for another company?


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Describe, in detail, your personal and or company history and business experience:



What special attributes do you possess that you feel would assist you in becoming a BNBL/F?



Briefly describe your current financial situation and resources available to finance a BNBL/F:


I attest that all information I have submitted above is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.


In addition to this form, please submit 3-4 cups of sand samples from the beaches that you feel are best suited for our process.  Clearly label each sand sample.  Indicate from where it originated so that we can analyze it and determine if our process is suitable for that particular beach.  If possible, please submit aerial beach photos or beach postcards, as well as a map or survey indicating the size and shape of each beach.  Send all requested materials and sand samples to the address above.


Upon receipt and review of all requested information and material, we will be better suited to determine your continued participation and possible completion of the BNBL Candidate process.  This may result in you or your company becoming a Fully Authorized BNBL.  You will be contacted shortly upon completion of our findings.


We thank you for your cooperation.


Beach'n Billboard