Q: How and where is it done?

A: Beach'n Billboard, along with our International Franchises, are continually acquiring more Municipalities who are participating in our Support-A-Beach Program. The Support-A-Beach Program is a partnership that allows us to lend a Municipality our equipment, as well as pay them to operate it for us during their normally scheduled beach- cleaning operations. In exchange, we are awarded exclusive permission to market the messages of Corporate Sponsors which will appear on participating beaches. Beach'n Billboard finds the Corporate Sponsors who contribute to the Support-A-Beach program. What is produced and enhanced is daily, early morning beach cleaning coupled with imprinted "Please Don't Litter" reminders, as well as the Corporate sponsored messages in the sand. The results are cleaner, well-manicured beaches, new public awareness to litter, new municipal revenue, positive corporate identity and a fun, new atmosphere for beach visitors!

Q: What are the imprints made of, what size are they, how much beach
is covered and how often does it get done?

A: Each imprint is made from beach sand, thus, making it 100% environmentally safe. No inks, dies or colors are ever used. Each imprint is 12' x 4'x ½" deep in size. A Beach Imprint Zone is a stretch of beach that is approximately 1/2 mile in length by 200-250 feet wide. On average, between 3000-5,000 imprints are produced within a Beach Imprint Zone daily.

Q: For what length of time I can purchase a Beach Imprint Zone?

A: Currently, all Beach Imprint Zones have a minimum purchase of one month, or longer if desired.

Q: How many different Sponsors will be on the same Beach Imprint
Zone at one time?

A: Only one Sponsor at a time. Each Sponsor has its own Beach Imprint Zone, hence, "Location Domination". You will be the only Sponsor for a contracted Beach Imprint Zone. Some of our beaches can accommodate multiple Beach Imprint Zones. However, each Sponsor will receive its own or an alternating Beach Imprint Zone which will not conflict or overlap with any other Sponsor.

Q: How long do the imprints last?

A: Most imprints last until approximately 1:00 PM. Some are seen all day. Studies have shown that people usually walk in a straight line from a beach entrance directly to the shoreline. As a shoreline populates with visitors, people tend to spread or fan out until the beach is totally covered. This natural phenomenon usually leaves large areas of imprints visible and untouched for many hours or until the end of the day.

Q: How does a 20% reduction in litter reflect on a Municipality or a
Corporate Sponsor's campaign?

A: Reporting municipalities have documented a reduction in litter (20% minimum). This has been achieved through the use of the "Please Don't Litter" message that is required to be part of each imprint. Municipalities are discovering that the imprints are being perceived as a signature left behind by their beach cleaning crew. Hence, beach visitors are responding to the crews' cleaning efforts realizing it is on their behalf and for their enjoyment. This 20% reduction in litter is further evidence that the same people are reacting positively to the Sponsors ads as well!

Q: Are there restrictions to certain Sponsors products/services?

A: Most all products and services are allowed as long as they are done in a tasteful, positive, non-inflammatory manner. Each municipality has final say on what can or cannot be imprinted on their beach. Notable exceptions are alcohol, tobacco and sexually related products. Some locations have additional regulations. Please check with your Account Rep for a complete list.

Q: Are there other companies imprinting messages on beaches?

A: Beach'n Billboard's Support-A-Beach Program is a Patented process of imprinting messages on beaches. Hence, we are unaware of anyone else attempting to duplicate our process.

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